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"Lo que ahora importa" de Gary Hamel

"What are the key issues that determine whether your organization thrives or sinks in the coming years" in oipinió Gary Hamel n 'there are five that stand out above the others: values​​, innovation, adaptability, passion and ideology. .. "

A really fascinating book and in line with our company vision.


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Be unreasonable not just a mood. Also or process by which forms of rationing are abandoned old, outdated, and are conceived and evolve new ones. As the process unfolds, those who remain stuck in old paradigms, obsolete, may be threatened - and be aggressive towards them - the innovators, especially if these innovators enter the traditional worlds of business, finance and politics ... [....]

[...] These social and environmental entrepreneurs lead by example. Attack intractable problems, they take huge risks and make us the rest to look beyond what seems possible. Extravagant objectives pursued, for example, economic and environmental sustainability and social equity.

[...] Social entrepreneurs develop and implement new projects that prioritize social returns on investment. For example, aim to improve the quality of life of marginalized populations in relation to poverty, health or education, and try to achieve a power greater than the philanthropic and non-governmental organizations ...

This is an essential book for entrepreneurs in low moments, reading examples that offers energy insufflated not get discouraged.


"How to adapt your life to the Zen way"

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"How to adapt your life to the Zen way"
cook as directed in Master Dogen

Bernie Glassman, an aeronautical engineer who worked at McDonnell Douglas, and American Zen master, with a social commitment it takes to create the industrial confectionery Greyston, Greyston the Family Inn .. etc..

We give this book a manual of how to deal with special values ​​from our social entrepreneurship projects.

This book has been an endless source of inspiration for Moltacte.

It is based on a text of great Master Dogen, "the instructions to cook"

"Clean the kitchen is clean spirit"
At this moment, we have before us everything we need to get started.
Usually, when we throw in a new project, either a new career, a new relationship or a new life, we are in a hurry.
We want to pull with all their might, and do anything, no matter what. But the cook knows that Zen can not prepare a meal if the kitchen is filled with dishes of the evening.
To distinguish the ingredients already available in our life, we make them a place.
Wash << "chopsticks", all the ladles and other utensils, Dogen recommended.
Manipulate them with the same care and vigilance, returning them to put in place >>
Always start cleaning. Even though the kitchen looks clean, we clean it again, every time we want there to prepare a new food ..
[...] Turns to cook and clean the whole environment and the people it is ..... "

"In the way of Zen chef, Beginner's Spirit includes three ingredients.
The three basic ingredients are in doubt, faith and determination.
They are like air, water and heat. Each is required to prepare a meal.
Doubt is a state of openness and ignorance.
It is accepted that you're not the master of the situation, not knowing what will happen.
The state allows us to explore questions of reality and open a new way.
[...] The problem is the question that is often considered as negative.
We imagine anything that does not revolve round whether or not we understand if you do not have the feeling of certainty. Dragged by the negative aspects of the doubt, we pity ourselves.
<< As I am unable to understand? >>
[...] Everything we know is a trap.
Everything we "know" leads us to look at ways of strengthening the belief that we are inflamed, or to limit the scope of what we could explorer


SINCRONICIDAD El camino interior hacia el liderazgo  de Joseph Jaworski.


Moltacte is a project centered on people, and has been developed in collaboration with an array of prestigious brands of designer clothing. We are committed to harmonizing social, economic and commercial values by utilizing an innovative approach to changing people´s lives.  Our objective is to invite people to change their way of understanding the world and share in an experience that improves the lives of people. 

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Any 2013, Moltacte rep el Premi Solidaris de la ONCE, en la seva VIIª edició.

Any 2011, Moltacte rep el Premio "Miradas" de la Fundación Manatial en la seva VIª edició.

Any 2011, Moltacte és escollit un dels 10 projectes més prometedors d'Emprenedoria Social d'Espanya d'un total de 124, en el marc de la Iª Edició del Momentum Project, promogut per ESADE, BBVA i PWC.

Any 2009, Moltacte rep un dels 5 Premis INTEGRA del BBVA, en la IIª Edició.

Any 2008, Moltacte rep el Premi Josep Mª Pinyol, concedit per la Fundació Acció Solidària contra l'Atur, en la seva XIª edició.


- To create a unique, unforgettable purchasing experience

- The advantages of the Outlet formula

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- To create a unique unforgettable purchasing experience Moltacte develops a relationship with their clients based on concerns such as an authentic interest in listening, helping, advice, and treatment in which patience is always the focus.  We also want to differentiate ourselves from other options the public has because we are aware that this part of the process, the interaction with our clients, determines in great measure our values,  the future of our aspirations and the program itself. 

  - The advantages of the Outlet formula. Moltacte adopted the Outlet formula because it has proven it can create commercial value. Most importantly it can create this value without devaluing the social origin of the project. The Outlet approach to selling products is associated with intelligent purchasing, and we want to reinforce this impression by always offering high quality products


- We integrate people and reinvent established social beliefs. 

- We change mentalities and offer opportunities. 

- We evaluate our impact on the community.  

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- We integrate people and reinvent established social beliefs. 

We believe in the capacity of one of the most stigmatized communities in our society; people with severe mental disorders. Their social integration can be achieved by utilizing their integration at work as a starting point. This is what   is vital to the development of Moltacte. 

- We change mentalities and we offer opportunities. 
We want to initiate a change in the mentality of all the clients that visit our shops. We want to create the opportunity for interaction between the public and people suffering from severe mental disorders. This is an opportunity to dismantle prejudices and nourish mutual trust in a safe environment.   

- We evaluate our impact 

Every year we evaluate the improvement in health and quality of life generated by our work. The benefits of a project like Moltacte can not be solely calculated in economic terms. The program is superfluous if it does not enhance the lives and health of the people involved.  


- Creation of employment
- Economic profitability
- Experience
- Solvency
- Envisioning the future

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- Creation of employment 

Moltacte not only generates employment for people at risk of social exclusion, it also provides professionals an opportunity to supervise the operation of our shops. 

- Economic profitability 

Moltacte does not seek grants. We prefer partners and collaborators. The economic profitability of a project like ours ensures a sustainable model in the future and generates more possibilities for the integration of new partners. 

- Experience 

Moltacte began with an agreement between a social enterprise, a private company and local government. This agreement constitutes two historically reputable organizations in the social and cooperative fields: Taller Àuria and Teixidors. We know what we want and how to achieve our objectives. 


- Solvency 

Moltacte has agreements and strategic alliances with companies and institutions such as Catalunya Caixa, the Departament de Treball de la Generalitat de Catalunya, ESADE, the Ordre Hospitalari de Sant Joan of Déu, Unnim... 

- Envisioning the future

Moltacte was created with the aspiration of expanding and reproducing a model that would facilitate growth. We want to further the diffusion of knowledge that is inherent in our model. From its origins Moltacte has demonstrated that it is a sustainable design.


Collaboration agreement Stradivarius i Moltacte

On October 25, 2012 Moltacte Stradivarius and sealed a partnership agreement with the opening of the first store "Stradivarius outlet for & from Ambtacte".
The store, located at Calle Dante number 13 in the town of Manresa, is staffed by people with severe mental illness (SMI).
This initiative is part of the program for employment of persons with disabilities Inditex.
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Collaboration agreement Stradivarius i Moltacte

On October 25, 2012 Moltacte Stradivarius and sealed a partnership agreement with the opening of the first store "Stradivarius outlet for & from Ambtacte".


By:  Momentum-Project


To buy is to obtain something with money. To sell is to earn money by offering something that is worth its value. In between comes everything that captivates consumers. The fashion industry is especially skilled in this art of seduction. Brands make the act of buying into a tireless aesthetic experience. The sales space is increasingly a stage full of suggestions appealing to a way of life, a different way of being; one that is likely, accessible, always refreshing. The customer buys the garment and takes home the promise of improvement and the guarantee that they are giving up nothing. Some days later, thanks to constant product rotation, this immersion can be experienced again.

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The shopping experience in the textile markets is a measured and very sophisticated event for achieving a high turnover of product. Adding new items outside fashion, revising the key elements that allow the sale is difficult. It is transgressing a proven science.
People with severe mental illness (SMI) are the complete opposite to the production of a textile company. They have no social visibility. They practice discretion as a strategy of concealment. They look away to avoid being discovered. They elude spontaneous contact so that their responses and gestures do not betray them. They flee from others because others flee from them.

How about all of us meeting up buying clothes? This is Ana, Miquel and Jaumes’s proposal.

Moltacte was created in 2006 to give a visible and dignified work environment for people with severe mental disorders. The mechanism to achieve this would have to be a profitable company that would offer them a possibility of personal and professional development. So the multi-brand outlet Moltacte shops were created.
The three shops in this venture bring together top brands of the Spanish textile sector in the same space. The approach is novel. Brands that do not normally coexist in an outlet are comfortable under the umbrella of Moltacte. In addition, they feel comfortable with the assistants who have some form of mental disorder and them looking after, placing and offering their products to customers.

Miquel, Anne and James have managed to set up a retail space where all these ingredients are mixed with great naturalness and have made this an advantage for prestige brands. Moltacte offers a commercial dynamic that frees the surplus of past seasons clothes and ensures profitability, while making them participants in a project with a high social impact. Moltacte has already created 28 jobs, 15 of them for people with severe mental disorders.

The idea captivates and attracts commitment and adherence. Moltacte is a project that has as one of its pillars, the summing of interests, in dialogue and negotiation for companies and individuals to obtain their economic and social profit. Its promoters are experts in reconciling the needs and goals of many actors.

That these shops should operate in Manresa and Sant Boi de Llobregat today is possible thanks to the will of brands such as Scorpion, Naulover, Messcalino, Torres, Armand Basi, Meyers, Selvatgi or Dikto; to entities and local governments that have embraced this project as a vital part of the development of people with SMD, to family members who encouraged them to return to work, to customers who return to the shops and, above all, the team of employees with and without mental disorders who work in Moltacte every day.

Therein lies the greatest strength of a venture that aims so high as to want to show that there is another way of doing business, a way in which "everyone can win and be included". This deep conviction drives Moltacte to want to create social brand recognition and a large chain of shops taking their model to other places. Because it would create decent employment opportunities for people with severe mental illness and living spaces that would break with the fears and prejudices surrounding this group. Moltacte shops offer high quality garments at very affordable prices and a lesson in humanity that many more people should be able to experience.



We see reality as a knitted fabric, a weft of relationships constantly evolving and effecting all of the interdependent parts which could not exist without one another. 

- Moltacte is a member of  the Catalan Group of entities for the integration of people with mental disorders into the labour market AMMFEINA (http://www.ammfeina.org/)


Moltacte is much more than a social company pledging commitment to the abilities of people with severe mental illness; it is a project that has developed from the belief that anything, even the most unheard of things, may become a reality in our lives.


Find out in 3 minutes what we get together every time you buy a fashion garment Moltacte


Descargar historia de MOLTACTE Sentit i sensibilitat Moltacte collaborate on Postgraduate International Social Entrepreneurship and Development Planning

Moltacte collaborate on Postgraduate International Social Entrepreneurship and Development Planning


Overview center Faculty of Health and Welfare coordination • Simon Salvador (UVic) •...

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Moltacte collaborate on Postgraduate International Social Entrepreneurship and Development Planning

Moltacte collaborate on Postgraduate International Social Entrepreneurship and Development Planning

Faculty of Health and Welfare
Simon Salvador (UVic)
James Oller (Social Tandem)
30 credits
From September 2013 to June 2014
Saturdays from 9 to 13:30 and from 15:30 to 20h. See the schedule of sessions in the comments section.
Some sessions will be held at The Maple social enterprises, olives and Moltacte
aimed at
The program is aimed at professionals in the fields of social and health of the business world, professional development and stewardship of the land and other people interested in the topic.
To access the Graduate Studies must hold a university degree.
In some cases, after meeting with the coordinator may request access to people without training program with an accredited degree experience. After completing the program will receive a certificate in college.
The program prepares professionals related to different jobs:
• Professionals who want to pursue a social entrepreneurship initiative
• Professionals related to the management of social organizations existing in the region (especially those who are starting to open a business line under the social enterprise model)
Professional technical centers of economic development and business incubators that want to incorporate the concept of social entrepreneurship, or institutions that promote social entrepreneurship support programs.
For more information: http://www.uvic.cat/activitat/470






Join us in the development of the Momentum-project

Join us in the development of the Momentum-project

Follow us in this link:
May 24, 2011
It seems that the Momentum-project has well surpassed the criteria of ​​Social Responsibility of BBVA.
The passion of social entrepreneurs converting "impossible" into "very difficult", catches the attention and commitment of BBVA.

Moltacte winning project of the

Moltacte winning project of the "ESADE and BBVA Momentum Project"

Moltacte winning project of the "ESADE and BBVA Momentum Project"
The Scientific Committee, meeting on May 13, 2011, selected 10 projects as winners of the Momentum Project’s convening of Social Enterprises from a total of 133 projects submitted.
The "Moltacte outlets" was one of the winning projects, and it will participate in the first edition of this project promoted by ESADE and BBVA.

See Momentum in 2 minutes


Moltacte, a company that inspires the future

Moltacte, a company that inspires the future

Moltacte, a company that inspires the future On December 15, 2010 the book “Empresas que inspiran futuro” (Companies inspiring the future) was presented in ESADE. Eight cases of social entrepreneurs, a study developed and written by...

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Moltacte, a company that inspires the future

Moltacte, a company that inspires the future

Moltacte, a company that inspires the future
On December 15, 2010 the book “Empresas que inspiran futuro” (Companies inspiring the future) was presented in ESADE. Eight cases of social entrepreneurs, a study developed and written by Alfred Vernis and Maria Iglesias that gathers and analyzes the experience of eight companies seeking to generate economic value in order to create social impact. Moltacte is included in the study as an example of initiative capable of "generating sustainable and decent employment opportunities aimed at people with mental health disorders". This study is an excellent opportunity to systematically learn from the perspective of two specialists involved in a business school as prestigious as ESADE.

Moltacte, Integra Award 2010

Moltacte, Integra Award 2010

Our shop in Sant Boi

Our shop in Sant Boi

The “Viure a Sant Boi” newspaper, published by the council of this city in Baix Llobregat, echoed the opening of our latest shop dedicated to women's fashion in an article entitled "Quality Trading with social interest". This new shop represents an evolution in our business ideas and is a perfect example of how our values ​​are reflected in a project with a future.

"Moltacte, the business of second chances"

This was the title of one of the leading Catalan daily newspapers, the “Avui”, in an article dedicated to Moltacte in which it described our project, its values ​​and its future potential. The article by Laia Bruguera demonstrates the extent to which social economy projects such as Moltacte are awakening the interest of society as viable alternatives for improving the lives of people. Moltacte seeks to offer, as the title of the Avui article indicates, a second chance for products and also for people.